Consider bringing your students to the Ulster County Archives. The Office of the Ulster County Clerk is dedicated to the educational use of the historic records stored in the vault of the Records Center. As an educator, you can help the office fulfill its mission by arranging for a guided tour of the facility for you and your students.

The Record Center consists of the vast Hall of Records for the storage and retrieval of inactive records, the Micrographics & Scanning Department for the reformatting of original materials to film or digital media, and the Archival Vault for the super-secure storage of irreplaceable high-value documents dating from 1658. 

Tours can be designed to meet your needs. Documents specific to your curricula may be available for display. To discuss how the staff of the Records Management Program can make your visit interesting, informative, and fun please visit our Tours & Field Trips page or Contact Us.

Here a few of the many comments we have received about our school programs through the Archives:

“Thank you for visiting us and teaching us new things.  We really enjoyed it!” -Miss Schabot’s 3rd grade class, Kingston School District, 2003

“My favorite part was watching the movie where you showed us the paper, book and maps. That’s so so so cool I mean cool…Thank you for everything.” -Kalina, 3rd grade student, Kingston School District, 2003

“We liked the way you keep your records organized.  We also loved your museum. You have a cool job. We are also very grateful that you were able to take time out of your day to show us documents from the 1600s.”-Kingston Catholic School 8th Grade Class, 2011

“[We] can’t thank you enough for all the support you gave us to create a wonderful learning experience that lasted the whole year! Thank you!” -Donna Nageli and Nancy Koopman, 4th grade teachers, Kingston School District, 2013

“I look forward to using your curriculum throughout the next few years…I’ve not heard of any other county or state doing something like your materials for young children with such depth or scope.  It is remarkable and fabulous!”-Sukie Berberich, Homeschool Parent, 2013

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