Ashokan Reservoir Records, 1906-1942

Property loss and business damage claims caused by the construction of the Ashokan Reservoir are captured word-for-word in this, one of over 360 volumes of Ulster County Supreme Court transcripts. Personal accounts given during direct and cross examination afford great insight into the lives and livelihoods of those displaced by the reservoir construction, many born and raised in homes and property seized by New York City's Board of Water Supply.

This cloth notice for section 9 is typical of the signs posted to advise residents that their property was about to be condemned by the New York City Board of Water Supply.

The fine print describes the metes and bounds of the real property in question and advises readers that for more details, they could check a map that was on file at the County Clerk’s Office.

Also shown is the sworn statement of Frederick Ward showing when and where he posted 28 such notices.

A Finding Aid to the Ashokan Reservoir Transcripts is available online and at the Records Center.

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