Guardians of the Gateway: Recognizing 10 Years of Persen House Guest Hosts in 2020

The Matthewis Persen House Museum & Cultural Heritage Center invites historical and cultural heritage groups from around Ulster County to Guest Host on Saturdays throughout the season each year. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guest host organizations were not be able to join us.


To honor our Guest Hosts’ contributions to Ulster County’s history and heritage, as well as the Persen House itself, we present this exhibit. Look back through some of the many events, exhibits and presentations from the past 10 years and see the impact each group has made. While we may not have pictures of all of our guest hosts, we hope this exhibit gives you a better understanding of the diverse and dynamic hosts at the Persen House throughout the years.


The County Clerk’s Office would like to offer our appreciation to all of our guest hosts, past and present. Their dedication, knowledge and generosity of time is what makes the Persen House a true Cultural Heritage Gateway.


Click Here for a list of guest host websites!