“That It May Bee Kept in Perpetuall Memory"

Commemorating the 350th Anniversary of the Nicolls/Esopus Peace Treaty

In 2015, the County Clerk's Office commemorated the 350th anniversary of the signing of the "Peace Treaty between Richard Nicolls and the People called the Sopes Indyans made 7th October 1665." This exhibit focuses on the Peace Treaty and the thirteen subsequent renewals. Of the renewals displayed, two of them, 1711 and 1714, have recently been discovered and we proudly exhibited these for the first time in 2015.

The original Peace Treaty, first signed in 1665, promised peace between the signers, and it was renewed thirteen times over eighty years. As we commemorate this historic event, may we remember the words first written in the treaty 350 years ago, “that it may bee kept in perpetuall memory.”

Companion resources for this exhibit include: