Divorce files are available to the plaintiff or defendant or their attorney of record. Divorce papers cannot be released to any other interested party. You may view or receive copies of a divorce case by mailing in a notarized letter stating the parties involved, the index number, the filing date and the type of records sought. If you appear in person at our office you must have valid identification (driver’s license, non-driver ID, US Passport, or other state or federally issued identification with a photo).

The fee for a certified a prepared copy of the divorce decree is 65 cents per page with a minimum of 8 pages for $5.20.  To prepare and certify the cost $1.25 per page with a minimum fee of $5.00, and a maximum fee of $40.00. This can be paid in cash, by check or money order.  If you wish to mail your request, please enclose a check payable to the "Ulster County Clerk" and indicate “Not to exceed $10.00” under the line that you leave blank for the amount in words.  Your request should be in the form of a letter which has your signature notarized and includes the names of both parties and the approximate date of divorce. Our office will mail the documents that you requested as well as a receipt.