The Hall of Records Division maintains three separate record storage areas. These areas are the General Records Storage Area, Archival Vault and the Electronic/Microfilm Media Vault.

The vast interior of the General Records Storage Area houses the inactive records of the Ulster County Government. It has the capacity to store 38,644 cubic feet of records and provide storage, retrieval, timely destruction and other records management needs.

Records of exceptional archival value are kept in the Archival Vault. There are books, maps, and papers, with the oldest dating as far back as 1658. The Archival Vault has a capacity to store 3,254.4 cubic feet of records. Preservation and security of the records are of the utmost importance. Archival records are stored in ideal conditions – cool, dry and dark. Items are carefully handled and stored in acid-free archival materials. A specially designed fire suppression system protects the records without the use of water.

The Electronic/Microfilm Media Vault houses all types of electronic and magnetic media, including microfilm, microfiche, network server back-up tapes, compact discs, etc. It can store up to 1,289.4 cubic feet of records. Like the Archival Vault, this vault has special temperature and humidity controls as well as a specially designed fire suppression system.


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