Mortgages should be recorded in the Office of the County Clerk of the county in which the real property being mortgaged is located. When recording a mortgage, it is your lender's responsibility to take the proper steps to ensure that the document meets all of the legal requirements for recording. Please be sure to consult an attorney if necessary

Mortgages must have original signatures and acknowledgements in accordance with New York State Real Property Law. When recording assignments or satisfactions of mortgage, all original recording information must appear on the supplementary instrument. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INSTRUMENT NUMBER MUST BE REFERENCED FOR ALL DOCUMENTS RECORDED AFTER 2002.

The fee for a mortgage is $5.00 per page plus $45.00 to record the instrument. If a mark off is required it is 50 cents additional for each document to be marked off. If an assignment of mortgage assigns more than one mortgage, a fee of $3.50 is due on each mortgage being assigned. A cover sheet is generated by the Ulster County Clerk's Office and recorded as part of the mortgage. Please see the Fee Schedule for detailed information.

Mortgage Tax

For the most current tax information please visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website. Mortgage tax for Ulster County can be computed by calculating ½ of 1% of the mortgage amount for Basic mortgage tax and ¼ of 1% for Special Additional Mortgage Tax.  Information on Natural Person Exemption and Credit Union Exemptions can be found at