Deeds should be recorded in the Office of the County Clerk of the county in which the real property being transferred is located. When recording a deed, it is your responsibility to take the proper steps to ensure that the document meets the legal requirements for recording. Please be sure to consult an attorney if necessary

Deeds presented to the Ulster County Clerk's Office must have original signatures and must be acknowledged in accordance with New York State Real Property Law. A completed Real Property Transfer Report RP-5217 (which must be completed online) and a signed Transfer Tax Affidavit Form TP-584 must accompany each deed. Please see the Fee Schedule for detailed information. 

The fee for a deed is $5.00 per page plus $45.00 for recording. A cover sheet is generated by the Ulster County Clerk's Office and recorded as part of the deed. Please see the Fee Schedule for detailed information. 

Effective March 11, 2020 there will be a $10 fee added to all residential deed recordings.

On December 12, 2019 Governor Cuomo signed into law an amendment to Real Property Law Section 291 that requires County Clerks to notify the owner(s) of record of residential real property when a document is recorded affecting said residential property. The law also allows a reasonable fee to be assessed for said notices.

The NYS Association of County Clerks, in order to provide uniformity throughout NYS, has determined that $10 is a reasonable fee per document.

This fee will apply to property class codes 200-299, 411-C and 411-D on the RP 5217 form. For information on property class codes go to:


Transfer Tax 

New York State Transfer Tax is due at that rate of $4.00 per $1,000.00 of the cash consideration or fraction thereof. 

Mansion Tax is imposed on each conveyance of residential real property when the consideration for the entire conveyance is one million dollars or more and the premises is being used in whole or in part as a one, two or three family house, or a condominium. The tax rate is one percent of the consideration. Please see New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for detailed information.


Transfer Tax for Town & Village of New Paltz Only

Effective February 1, 2021, every person recording a conveyance of real property located in the Town or Village of New Paltz, must at the same time file a New Paltz Transfer Tax Form with the Ulster County Clerk and pay the required amount of tax due, if any.


    • Complete the New Paltz Transfer Tax Form, consulting the Town of New Paltz Local Law #5 of 2020.
    • For further information, visit the webpage of the Office of the Town Clerk for the Town of New Paltz.
    • Enter $280,000.00 (prior to April 6, 2022) or $320,000 (on or after April 6, 2022) as the median residential sales price for Ulster County on Schedule B, Part I, Line 2.
    • When presenting a deed for recording, attach recorded Purchase Agreement or first and last page of said Agreement, if prior to February 1, 2021 and box M on Schedule B, Part II, Line 13 is checked.
    • Fees payable to the Ulster County Clerk: filing fee of $5.00, plus the amount of Town of New Paltz Transfer Tax that is due, if any.
    • New Paltz Transfer Tax Form must be completed when recording a conveyance of real property situated in the Town/Village of New Paltz.


Land Record Fees

Land Record Associated Fees can be found here.