Part 2 of the report and findings of Dr. Joseph E. Diamond, Ph. D., of the archaeological data recovery at the Matthewis Persen House. ..

Answer questions, solve puzzles, play games and more in this fun and fact-filled activity book all about Archives.

The Archives Storyteller Series is a unique set of presentations that are designed to tell the historical stories that are reflected in the archival records found in ..

In this fun book you will learn all about biographies and autobiographies with a very special helper, Betsy Bookworm!

A fun program to give students the opportunity to learn about and participate in activies that were popular in the Colonial era.

Illustrations and text about the history of Kingston, New York from 1609 to 1784. The Coloring Book is posted here with permission from the former Stockade Committee ..

A coloring page featuring some of the many industries that have existed throughout the county's history.

Learn about Ulster County's earliest records in this document-based activity booklet that is fun for kids of all ages.

An advertisement brochure inviting users to explore Ulster County's Dutch Court Records and Secretary's Papers, circa 1658-1712 via the online database

Take a historical trip around Ulster County with Carla the Car in this fun, fact-filled activity booklet.

A brochure detailing the various genealogical and other resources available through the Ulster County Clerk's Office Records Management Program Archives Division

What is the Census? What is Genealogy? How do I make a Family Tree? Answer these questions and more in this fun and fact-filled activity booklet with ..

An introduction to the Gysbert’s Inventory exhibit on permanent display at the Persen House.

Passages of text taken from microfilm provided courtesy of Mr. Craig Carlson, Archivist of the Albany County Hall of Records, Albany, New York.

Why are maps important? Where can you find maps? What can you do with a map? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this fun, ..