Notary Services

Notary services are available at the Recording Counter during normal business hours.  This service is offered free of charge.

Notary Application and Testing

The application packet is available in the Ulster County Clerk's Office. The packet includes, an application, a test study guide, a listing of exam dates and locations.  For additional information, including registration requirements, forms, examination schedules and frequently asked questions, please visit the New York Department of State Notary Public website.

Upon passing the examination you will receive notification in the mail from the Department of State. Return the completed application and the $60.00 fee to the NYS Department of State. You will receive your notary ID card which will be valid for four years.  The state will file your oath and signature card with the County Clerk’s Office.

Notary Renewal

When your four-year term expires, you will receive a renewal application in the mail.  This application can be processed in the Ulster County Clerk's Office. Complete the renewal form and return by mail or in person to the County Clerk's Office with your check or money order for $60.00. You are qualified for four more years upon receipt of this renewal in the Ulster County Clerk's Office. 

Please note, it may take eight to twelve weeks before you receive your renewed identification card from the Department of State.

Qualification in Another County

If you live in Ulster County but wish to qualify as a notary in another county in New York State you must obtain a Notary Qualification Card from our office to file in the other County Clerk's Office. The fee is $5.00.