Kingston, NY – Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack is proud to introduce a free new service aimed at enhancing the security of property owners throughout Ulster County. The office is rolling out "Fraud Alert," a user-friendly tool designed to empower property owners in safeguarding their most valuable assets.

"Fraud Alert" is a free service that enables property owners to stay vigilant and informed about any recorded documents, such as deeds or mortgages, filed under their name. This innovative tool allows property owners to receive timely notifications whenever such documents are recorded. You can access these documents online through the official portal at https://www.searchiqs.com/NYULS/ or in person at the Clerk's Office, conveniently located within the Ulster County Office Building at 244 Fair Street, 2nd Floor, Kingston, NY 12401.

County Clerk Nina Postupack shared her thoughts on this initiative, stating, "This is a simple yet effective way for homeowners to achieve peace of mind. We are thrilled to provide this invaluable service to our community."

Property owners in Ulster County can sign up for the free "Fraud Alert" service by visiting https://searchiqs.com/fraudalert/?CC=NYULS. Please note there may be other property owners in the village, town or city that share the same name.


For any further information or inquiries, please reach out to County Clerk Nina Postupack at (845) 340-3040 or via email at countyclerk[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us. You can also stay updated with the latest news and announcements by visiting our official Facebook page.