A fun puzzle activity created for the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial events in 2009.

Text and images from a local history publication about a treaty between English Governor Richard Nicolls and the Sachems (or Chiefs) of the Sopes Indians dated October ..

Take a tour through one of Ulster County’s oldest homes with special guide Archie Ant! Learn about the first owner, the archaeological dig, and the special events ..

A fun activity that takes you around the Museum to find all types of different, historical items.

A Guide to the Special Record Collection Pertaining to the Construction of the Reservoir and Subsequent Court Proceedings

A curriculum appropriate for grades fourth through eighth. The curriculum addresses the need to study immigration while developing ELA and mathematical skills in real contexts. Students use ..

An informational brochure detailing the Ulster County Clerk's Records Donation Program

A PDF of Powerpoint slides focusing on field archaeology featuring images of archaeological finds and techniques.

This curriculum consists of fourteen (14) Lesson Plans, which are based on pre-written history artifacts and historical documents. Each lesson plan provides teachers and students with Document-Based ..

A curriculum appropriate for fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth grades. The curriculum gives students an opportunity to examine and interpret archival documents that reveal the social and ..

A curriculum appropriate for grades four through seven.  Using historical records, students will delve into the life and times of a 17th century Dutch Colonial family to ..